Past Games

An Awesome tower defence where enemies attack you and your towers. You must repair a town by colonizing it with your flowers and upgrade them, but beware of flamethrower guys
Explore, fight and convert enemies. Expand your army and sacrifice some of followers to gain more power and skills.
Lead the Revolutionary Wave to conquer the Bastille in epic fight to liberate small caribbean nation, San Escobar.
A powerfull god is summoned against his will. Local tribes are trying to kill him to take his power. He have to gain the energy to perform the ritual to get back to his world.
Knight fight for his love.
Knight fights for his love. Move with "A" and "D", go between caves using "W", attack the dragons holding "J" (while running), use the shield holding down "L"
roaches invade a kitchen to feed on leftovers and multiply. Owner is not happy about it.

Hearty Games