Bennett Eidsness

Past Games

A mysterious mirror has shown up in the Land of Oz, and various citizens of Oz have wandered through it into Wonderland! Chase after them and help bring them back from one bizarre world to another!
Your child has run off into the large maze behind your house, and gotten lost! Why did you get that maze, anyways?
malūīkanen - A member of the Light-makers' Guild, an engineer, a technician, a mechanic. Do your best to fix the mysterious device using only the tools on hand and a manual.
D-Code is a game about solving ciphers. Your goal is to decode the text on the left so you can read it on the right.
Oh no! Someone stole the monkey's life preservers and threw them over the water poles! The monkeys can’t swim, but they do have a cannon!
Puzzle game in which you must roll a ball onto the sacrificial altar. To move the ball, you must apply transformations (rotation, scaling, translation) to objects in the world.