Benjamin Andermatt

Past Games

In this hyper realistic medieval scenario, it'll be your decision of who may enter upon the golden gates of heaven and who will be damned to eternal torture within the deepest pits of hell, based
This local two player game concerns a battle centuries old against humanity's greatest foe: seagulls! Will humans finally reach their goals of feeding all the fragile pigeons or will Stevie Seag
Hammer the anvil and harden your steel...fork, for this visually stunning rhythm-game will take your very breath away.
Stalking Horse is a two player stealth game where you and your best buddy use a deceptively realistic horse costume to infiltrate Barb's mansion and acquire several of her most personal treasures
"Trans... Wait for it... Mission" is a dating simulator in which you play the wingman. Your goal is to help out your friend by telling him how to interact with his date.
You wave as a Queen
Greek For Speed i an endless runner for AirConsole with splitted controls. You and your friends take control of a lone greek athlete carrying the olympic torch.
Synopsis: You are diagnosed with cancer... And it's very bad! You only have seconds to live. So, what do we do now? You step outside the hospital. How to spend your last minutes on earth?

Hearty Games