Past Games

It's a trippy visualization! CONTROLS: 1-4 = set orbit speed. N/M = decrease/increase speed. MOUSE = x/y pos corresponds to neat variables. Trance music not included.
1v1 bouncy circle-smashing goodness. Press DOWN to go down to bounce and gain height. Stomp your opponent 10 times to win!
Collide with your tail to attack your enemy!
Rituals of thought CAN be rewritten! It only takes conscious effort. Goal: Guide the energy dots to grow the GREEN path.
You're a conductor with your daily routine of checking tickets quite ritualized. One day you find a body. That's when you learn you're not the only one with a ritual.
You play as a overly confident captain attended by his loyal crew, Beep and Boop. Your task is to make decisions, regardless of their perceived consequences to you... or your round little friends.
What if two sidescrollers existed in the same world, each on a different axis?
Explore the beautiful relationship between sound and color in this immersive musical experience. You play as a glowing orb that collects musical loops that each adds a layer of complexity to the composition. Different colors correspond to individual instruments, and a changing background corresponds to the subtle changes in harmony. Note: There's a known MIDI bug that causes the sound to cut out. It usually returns in about 10 to 30 seconds.
From TCNJ students, alumni, NJIT students, and the NJIT (Newark) location of the Global Game Jam 2011, a unique game sure to surprise you: Fatal Error;