Past Games

It's been a while this V fella found me and toke me in... but from time to time I remember what it was to live on the streets, full of danger and opportunity every in dark corner.
Um jogo de puzzle sobre recuperar itens perdidos pelas galáxias. Por um universo vasto vaga a Capitã do navio estelar Cometa Violeta, que recebe pedidos diariamente de pessoas que perderam suas coi
The Pair Repair Squad! We are cupids in charge of digging each of the couples for their innermost desires, and make small adjustments to ensure the happiness of the couple.
Living in a small community is not an easy task, everyone must contribute for it to flourish.
Heill ok sæll! The Great Vikings of Legend go to war, fight, pillage, plunder and die for glory.
A board game about the battle for the supremacy of ideologies.
In this good old school Beat em Up game you should be prepared to face the most dangerous creatures of the world: The Junk Food Clan!
Creating couples is not a simple task, listening to the hearts of lovers requires a good mix of patience and determination at the same time not to let the opportunities pass. In "Love looks not with the eyes" you are a cupid trying to make as many couples as you can with the time you were given.Select one of the humans and search for his possible soul mate, but be not too demanding, your time is short and so is his. When approaching humans you can hear their hearts better. The more aligned with the personality of the chosen one, the faster your target's heart beats. < instructions > <- , ^, v, -> Use cursor keys to move your aim around Press space to select the soul mates The left screen represents the World Map, The right screen represents the Selection Window, and the center screen is the Zoom Window. Use the cursor keys to move around, and hit space to select the person you are aiming at. That person will appear on the Selection Window. Now move your cursor around and listen to people's heart. The faster it beats, the more aligned this person is with the chosen one. Hit space when you have selected the best match and move to another couple.
At Magnum Opus players are Master Alchemists in search of knowledge and the secret of immortality. You must compete with opponents to acquire the three alchemical principles and fulfill your greatest work, the Philosopher's Stone.
God observes that the earth is corrupted with violence and decides to destroy all life. But Noah "was a righteous man, blameless in his generation, [and] Noah walked with God," and God gives him instructions for the ark, into which he is told to bring "two of every sort [of animal]...male and female ... everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life," and their food. (Genesis 6 and 7).