Past Games

Sweet ‘n Sour is a fun catching game with different power-ups and addictive nature. You'll lose yourself in the aisles while looking for things you wanna get.
You've Found the Game
Repair your Mecha part by part with musical mini games.
Planet named Lazarus has a heart that gives ryhtym to its people. One day Lazarus' heart stops and people send a spaceship to space to find a new home.
Under a totalitarian regime usage of any kind of vehicle is banned strictly.
You are AUTOBAHN, a Kraftwerk tribute band. You are performing and Kraftwerk is watching. Perform a good gig or you will lose them one by one.
A tripping shaman completes his rituals while facing various challenges in geometry based levels.
It's a Battlestar Galactica spinoff game with various game modes. I have no rights for the Battlestar Galactica assets. Use direction keys to move and space to attack.