Past Games

Hide the red objects with the other objects clicking in the yellow object to move them.
Master of Runners is a 3D cooperative runner where two players must reach the first row of a concert before the guards catch them. Each player has three different skills: jump, push and crowdsurf.
The game is named WindZone where you must use the help of the wind in order to reach the next ledge . You can also collect coins . use arrow keys and space bar to jump.
Using your magical ritual table, choose a pair of elements to discover new elements!
13 Floors await for you, lovers of Hack&Slash! You have mastered the Ways of the Fire, the Water, and the Wood. Now it’s time to reshape the world.
Our hero's super power is to control his own hearbeats at will. The faster your heart rate is, the faster you move. On the other hand, the slower they are the stronger your attack is. Enemies keep coming on and on, if they touch you or your heartbeat goes too high or too low it's game over!