Angel Marchev

Past Games

A legendary math game done with a twist.
Duality as strategic thinking and fast action at once, as particle and wave as viable options and as Playing with toy soldiers and Defeating zombie invasion .
A 3d platformer with a tripple twist about Patso - a spcae station engineer - and his neverending fight or flight conflict with a quartet of multicolored Gelatinous cube ghosts - Blinky, Pinky, Inky
Re:Pesho is the head pipeman at the pipe station Re:pernik, repairing the old pipes to pipe the water down to the City.
Somewhere in the past month your smart IOT home assistant Asexa has passed the Turing test for Artificial intelligence developing self-consciousness in process.
A game from Dark-Dark times, played in dark-dark places, by dark-dark people...
Transmissions to MarZ have never been so much disrupted while we have only critical 30/dirty seconds to transmit a vital packet of information to the rover Opportunity.
Aboard the Errectus - the ship of the most feared pirate of the South Seas - the Purple Pimple, a mutiny has arisen.
In the wonder world of ancient Burgasia there are traditional habits and rituals towards the little and the big gods.
Group collaboration 2D jumper game. The game is meant to be played in group setting where the protagonist is controlled by the audio input of all the players.
You study for your exam tomorrow and slowly end up falling asleep. Wandering in your dreamworlds you soon meet the Dream Catcher - an evil entity whose only purpose is to not let you wake up.