Anette Rana

Past Games

You are a kid, wandering the streets, in search of missing cats. WASD to move E to interact
You are the trusty TV repair man for your family. Stand by to save the day again and again. A true hero! How to play: Hold space to charge your repair attack.
Jesus is broken and you must fix him Credits: Niklas Gløsen Markus Lange Ingrid Olsen Ingvild Grotløkken Dexter André Osiander Menu music by David Wise
You have written a shopping list and need to exit with all the items listed on there before the store closes.
A top down space shooter, but you can't shoot! In the midst of a space war, you control a non-combatant spaceship, providing information to the fighters.
Search through radio frequencies and time, unravel a mystery scattered through the radio waves. An interactive story, there is no win condition. X-box controller necessary to play.
A group of teens are having party all night though.