Past Games

You have to repair all the infrastructures the bad UFO destroys, humans are your friends!
Multiplayer game where 2 castaways tries to survive the ocean waves while a hungry shark stalks them.
Touch or clic on the square space ocean to generate waves to move the Magic Lens to find all the Orbs that Leviathan needs to eat. Create the waves close to the Lens to start moving it.
Shamans fighting against each other , completing symbols to trigger spells. Online multiplayer only. You, as a shaman, discover spells as you use runes in combination with your opponents.
A small team of Black-Ops were sent to a small town in order to complete a simple mission. what they didn’t know was that an abominable monster was in a hibernating state nearby the town.
Find your way out!
After a space accident during his garbage disposal duties, Daph must struggle to keep trash away from the evergrowing black hole. \ In spite of his efforts he may not survive... How long can you stand before it eats you alive? \ \