Past Games

We have all lived in some hellish apartments, but have you ever thought about the super coming around and having to repair it?
A game about finding your missing friends in an increasingly absurd world. Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys for movement.
Puzzle game where you possess people as a ninja with a ukulele and the power of music.
The music has stopped in RadioTown. The smallest of sprites must rise to the challenge and figure out how to repair the radio.
Title is a code name and or working title. This is a 4 player arena brawler based around archery and the ability to catch your opponent's arrow and fire it back at them while remaining agile a
Grab an elf, dwarf, orc, and start your adventure in this 4 player co-op puzzle game using only the keyboard! (We suggest using more then one keyboard, or holding hands while you play)