Past Games

You are already in the GAME! You are CHOOSEN. Try add as many participants as You can. Don't worry, they cannot remove themselfs, but beware...
First, we looked through the windows, then...
Re-pair as many socks as you can in spinning washer drum! Play as Washer Master or a Sock and together get as many pairs as you can.
Game about a snail that likes to go fast. Ślimak, ślimak - wystaw rogi, dam Ci syra - na pierogi, żebyś śliski był i szybki żebyś dziś pokonał wszystki-ch.
Escape from secret research facility, collaborating with unexpected ally. Short instruction that is missed in the game, becouse of lack in time on Jam 1. To play you need at least 2 persons.
*** Whipsnake Edition *** In the world of Robo-Dino-Apocalypse, an ex cop takes matters into his own hands to avenge his motorcycle with the power of the bit, carried by the waves of his local San
Loud! Bouncy! Tribal! Feel the wibe, be the wibe! It's just rituWOW!
How many times you wished you were a half man half flying squirrel superhero in steampunk world? Many? I thought so! Now you have a unique chance to fulfill your dreams...
Sound-controlled game about a struggle of the space thingy.
Control the blood flow through a heart in a 2-player pinball-like game!

Hearty Games