Ahmed Bahaa

Past Games

co-op game 2 v 2 player try to drain energy from the other team, the team with the higher energy at the end of the round time will win.
2D endless runner game about a flying sausage trying to reach beyond infinity, You control its movement and direction by tapping.
Help the Sewerage diver to enjoy a nice swim!!
2D Mobile addictive game. hit the drums with the right tunes to let it rain.... :)
- Board game. A chess board with 3*3 tiles taken from the 2 opposite corners.
When their ship is about to sink, pirates show their worst.
the trick is to be able to differentiate between monsters by the color the player will be able to see the colors of the monsters for 2 or 3 seconds at the start of the level then he should be able to
A casual game for android and web, an adorable little girl attempts to fend against cute -but vicious- vampiric hearts that want nothing but to suck her dry. Play the game by popping the increasing number of attcking hearts, once bite the girl, they will start to sap her blood, repeatedly tap on the girl to throw them off.