Past Games

Plataformas de puzzle interdimensional Interdimensional puzzle platformer
The game is a white blood cell that must fix a mistreated body using differents tools. Use arrows keys to move and Space bar to pick up and leave tools. Don't take tools too far away from h
En MadFans tomamos el papel de una banda de ROCK!!
You have to collect the goats and the bones to perform a ritual while escaping from the clerics of the church. You can move using the arrow keys and Restart with the "R" key.
Mondrian Manda is a memory/puzzle game based on the famous painter Piet Mondrian, where you have to follow the color-squence given by the game.
"Oh my gods!" is a game about a soul and acording his religion 2 "GODS", a GOOD GOD, and a DEVIL GOD. The first one can power up by buffs fired to the soul.

Hearty Games