Past Games

A game where players compete to reach the medicine pill by traveling through the infected intestine, maneuvering through a field of friendly cells and dangerous bacteria.
A game about repairing the body and restoring what once was.
Global warming has finally caught up with man. Most of the world is flooded, so humanity has established themselves within the ocean.
Collect ritual books, bring them to an altar and unlock powerful magic to defeat your foes.
A text based mystery adventure set in rural Wisconsin.
A maze building board game for 2-8 players.
A co-operative puzzle game for two players, where each player controls one half of a bifurcated spirit wandering through a haunted house.
Heart Waves is an abstract game about relationships and how they change you forever for better or worse. The heart in the center of the screen shows what you're looking for. Merge your node with your matching node after energizing both nodes with energy waves pulsing from your heart. As you meet and merge with other nodes your heart will change and show you who to search for next.
You are a brain and heart resting in a vat in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, one of many lined up against the back wall. He hasn’t quite got around to building his monster yet, but Igor has been hard at work gathering body parts from wherever he can find them. All of the hearts are defective in one way or another, so the Doctor has decided that he will build his monster using whichever one manages to choose itself a body first. Place tiles to connect body parts to your circulatory system. 2-4 Players. More players is better.
An artificial life simulator which explores the notions of symbiotism and parasitism through cooperative and adversarial multiplayer gameplay.
Gothama is at its highest level a stoic/buddhist/vedic-inspired critique of the ‘little pleasures’ of videogaming: the jingle of coins, a satisfying stomp, a well-timed dash and jump. These are the things on which 2d platforming is built, but to what extent do they lead us into endless cycles of ultimately fruitless action? How much of our energy and effort is directed towards short-term ephemeral gains and vain striving? Initially, the player will storm through the game in classic Mario/Megaman/Sonic fashion. When they reach the end of the level, they realize that the very things they’ve been trained to do are the things that limit them from progressing...
Begin play as a humble shrew, circa 7 billion BC. Evade velociraptors while finding food and learning survival skills such as digging, swimming, tree climbing, and mating.