Aapo Ritvanen

Past Games

Collect bug parts (spider or fly) and race to the finishline! Warning: contains spiders
A game where you have to find a text file from randomized folder structures before the time runs out.
This game/demo demonstrates portal rendering in Unity game engine. The idea was to create impossible spaces (Non-Euclidean spaces) and create puzzle or something out of it.
It's actually Half-Life 3
Your objective is to transmit a zombie virus to as many people as you can before the zombies kill them.
Ahoy Mateys! Dare ye face the Royal "navy" o' those landlubbers? Haharr. Ye must send waves o' enemy ships down to Davy Jones.
Collect 3 objects to perform a ritual in order to summon the antichrist.
uuuum so.. early prototype's alpha stage's prototype if that makes any sense.... um.... have fun.. :D (if you got unity... sooorry! :C (it's a unity project.. not a finished product...