Past Games

3D Web game... We're in a post apocalyptic world as a survivor isolated inside of our home with no established contact to anyone else.
Navigate your diet soda up and out of the fridge with the arrow keys past tempting calories.
Create your own waves and surf them until your can stay topside. Try to ride the wave!
Immerse yourself in the completely accurate experience of life as an inchworm.
A very cold game featuring winter. Created for kids ages five and younger. Use up and down arrow keys to navigate twirling snowman to gain points by catching snowflakes.
Help Chicken Little prove the sky is falling by collecting orbs inside the fallen clouds hovering in Tiny Town. Use your WASD keys to navigate, and the space bar to jump.
We’ll see things as they are when pigs fly, and they are coming!
Rumples compares the use of the Oroborous in many cultures in this RPG of self discovery.
Fishing for Tails! \ Snakehead Fish Hunting Tails \ \ Goal \ Fish upstream avoiding other fish, and avoid the fish police while collecting fish tails! They will try to run you off the road! \ \ Playing \ Fish upstream using the arrow keys. Keep an eye out for the fish police. \ \ Help Keys \ ends the game \ opens the help file \ changes over to graphics mode \