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The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Mer Grazzini from Argentina

Mer Grazzini and GGJ Rio Grande 2019

The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight tells stories from the amazing people who participate in GGJ in one way or another


Mer has participated in 10 Global Game Jam events 🌟

"Hi! I'm Mer Grazzini (she/her), an Argentinian 2D artist and game designer!

I make games, I write about them and I teach other people how to make them. I used to make boardgames when I was as kid. I crafted many of them, but I didn't think making videogames was possible. As a grown up I learned that there was an actual game industry in my country, but I didn't know how to start doing games. Nowadays there are many public universities for that, but this was 10 years ago and that wasn't the case. And in January 2014, a friend of mine (hi Tozy!) invited me to my first Global Game Jam ever, held in Rosario, my city. I already did comics and was learning how to animate, mostly for music videos (I was studying music too). So, you know, how hard could it be? Of course, I had no idea haha. But still, I fell in love with games, with the event, and with the community. It absolutely changed my life.


GGJ La Plata 2018

I went to ten GGJ already! I made many games that I really like there. And I started traveling around my country, so I pick a different site each year. Probably my favorite game is the first one, which of course, we didn't manage to finish. But I grabbed a small piece of the idea years later and actually made a full game out of it with my friends, so you know, I guess every idea can be a good idea! The new game can be found here. And it's made with the same team with which we did another of my favorite GGJ games, this small narrative experience here. We've been doing games together for seven years now! Since 2016. And while David, the programmer, had been making games since 2012, Fede, the sound designer also started out in a GGJ, in 2015. I was so hyped after my first experience, that I convinced him (and many people!) to go to the next one. And so it started. 

I feel like my life would be very different now if I hadn't met GGJ! I started making videogames because of that, and what started as a hobby for the summer (GGJ is held in the summer for southern hemisphere), became my passion, my full time job, the space where I met so many loving friends - and my excuse to travel the world giving talks and visiting these amazing friends as well.


GGJ Rosario 2017


It's a great place to start learning if you're curious, but also as a professional, to reconnect with the fun part of games, meet new people, challenge yourself, and share food and songs and creativity with your local community, or whatever other community you decide to go visit.

I'm super thankful with all the GGJ community, both organisers running the sites as well as individuals joining them, and adding their part on what makes it such a cool experience! I hope I can visit some other countries' GGJ sites as well some day soon!"


Fun fact: Mer did a comic to cover the whole GGJ 2020 event! Each hour she'd draw a small scene telling what was happening. See the Spanish comic here.


GGJ Buenos Aires 2020