Global Game Jam® media files, logos and insignia

We encourage you to get creative with your jam site and create posters, t-shirts, websites, banners, mugs - whatever you like! We politely request that you include the Global Game Jam® logo, including the Global Game Jam® name and website on any promotional material, digital artifacts and physical object you create in association with your event(s). All brand guidelines and image files you might need can be found below.

Brand Guidelines

See this link for GGJ brand guidelines. Please adhere to this guide when using the GGJ branding and logo on your websites and posters.

SVG Logos

Links to the latest logos in SVG format can be found here:

PNG Logos

Links to the latest logos in PNG format can be found here:

Other Useful files

Other useful files such as Facebook group and page headers, Twitter headers, poster layout examples and the GGJ sticker can be found below.