Past Games

The mighty Bucketaur pounces with bucket outstretched! Can the pack of hunters take down the terrible Buckatur?
You are an appendage-rich alien, who must complete important work at the recycling and repair facility. Created for Oculus Quest. Recommended play space is 7ft.
You're an intergalactic Noodle Ninja that's trying to phone home, but you need to boost your signal. So you headed to a nearby alien space station to collect some antennas...
One diver. Many, many fish using tracked Vive controllers. Protect Them!
The Dwarves stopped by again. And, they're throwing plates... again. Dodge the plates! This VR game was designed for extreme head tracking and range of motion.
A collection of 3 (almost 5) local multiplayer competitive games - Use 2-4 Xbox360 or PS3 controllers.
Drink those pesky humans before you bleed out.
Follower-based platforming puzzle action! Throw and control your minions to solve puzzles.