Past Games

The Pair Repair Squad! We are cupids in charge of digging each of the couples for their innermost desires, and make small adjustments to ensure the happiness of the couple.
A simple arcade game with simulated retro lcd game aesthetics.
A topdown 3D shooter about a special duo applying justice to whonever needs it.
A plataformer shooter about a special duo applying justice to whomever needs it. Controls: Space - Jump Right Control - Fire
NOT COMPLETED this game aimed to display the hazards of trash food with cool art and a fun retro arcade style. We used two games as references: Bobble Bobble and Bomber Jack. We intented to place this game in the OUYA, but the time was short.
In this good old school Beat em Up game you should be prepared to face the most dangerous creatures of the world: The Junk Food Clan!
Travel as far as possible either using a Caterpillar or a butterfly in an endless loop.
A strategic card game about life and death.
A simple arcade game where you should run, run, run... And run again. \ The Game has a retro style with a simulated game boy original pallete, wth that unique greenish glow. \ Use any key to jump and avoid the obstacles, while you try to remain running for money. \ The current version still need some improvements and balance.
Play as much as you can without being noticed by your boss. when he is around... ALT+TAB to type one or two lines of your code! Enjoy yourself playing... I mean: "working"...