Past Games

W O R L D S T A R bowling! Physics has been broken. You must hide this fact to the game world's inhabitants or else they might get suspicious.
This game allows the player to be a hermit crab, eating and growing. After a time the player gets too big for their shell (Home) and must move on to a new home.
There's too much clowning around. Your clown posse must leave town quickly before succumbing to insanity. Your only means of escape is a French car.
The most intense game of gerrymandering! Pass legislation to appease voters living in your state, gerrymander the haters to keep in power.
Race to be on top. ;P You play as a secretary in the 1920s that must type memos using various prompts to work your way up the corporate ladder. Use ESC to erase your current text.
2-Player Game. One player is the “murderer” and the other player is the “Cop”. Similar to hide and seek, the murderer must hide items within a 3D environment.