Past Games

What happens when your own ritual traps you? What Are the ramifications of deviating from your ritual? Can you escape it at all? Do you want to. FML.
Based on this year's theme, "What do we do now?" our team decided to come up with a game that would challenge a player's instincts up against the dangers of the universe's fou
Game where controls get funky!
*EDIT* if the link for the .exe does not work from this page, you can download it here: [---> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ns1fpin14p8ee07/InSight%20Final.zip <-----] Your own nightmares come
2d platformer. WASD or Arrow Keys to move, J and K or Z and X to make your heart beat. the faster your heart is beating the faster you can move, but be careful. if your heart beats too fast, or too slow, or you take too much damage, you die!
Pulling an all-nighter isn't easy! Keep yourself awake and get your work done before your deadline!
I came up with the concept durring lunch the second day (20 hours into the GGJ) \