Past Games

4 players game with Xbox pads. Run on PC. One of the player is sick, he has to give his marvelous disease to his friends.
Hackers that work in a team - they use implants to jack into a system together and use their combined specialties to overcome defenses that would otherwise be too hard to override.
An epic adventure of a cardboard man who has to escape from a mysterious place.
Global Game Jam 2013 Splash a Game about transplantation : Pitch : Third person game Goal : The heart is the avatar controlled by the player. The goal is to splatter the platforms of the game with blood spurting out of the heart. The more blood covered the platforms are, the more point the player gets. To finish a level, the player has to drop the heart in a person’s chest. Time sessions are limited by a timer. The heartbeats make the heart jumping around randomly The Core gameplay is for the player to control the earth movement with the mouse.