Past Games

Restore the Feng Shui in your hotel room by moving furnitures around to make it feel like home. -- I got the inspiration for this game from an article I read some time ago, in which a dude full of c
Try to reach the exit in a maze using echoing waves to find your way
This game is about bringing life and emotions to a boring morning routine, thanks to colors, sounds and narration. Try to play in fullscreen mode (F11) and with headphones, if possible.
Tokyo Kaiju Tactics (TKT) is 4 players pre-action game, in which you queue up to 5 actions before watching events unfold.
Cooperate to bring the ship to destination, but you must kill the 3 other players to win. Controls : zqsd + ae, oklm + ip, arrows + left ctrl and num_zero, 8456 + 79 (the key on the left is action,
This is a top-down 2D game where you play a little kid trying to scare the heck out of grandpas and grandmas wandering in your park and make them all have a heart attack. To do so, you can use various tricks, like laying marbles before them, let-off firecrackers, shooting them with a slingshot or just scaring them old-style in pumpkin disguise. You have to take them by surprise, so lay your traps just behind corners. But be careful ! If they see your naughty kid face, they will report you to the policeman, and the fun will be over ! Controls : move with arrows (or zqsd, if you have a french keyboard), aim with mouse, click to lay traps. Choose the active trap with 1234 (&é"' on french keyboards) keys.
Save your computer by giving him a heart massage in rhythm ! Start the game : your computer is K.O. ! Give it a keyboard massage : find a good spot on the keyboard and press it with your whole hand. The computer will react if it is a good spot. Follow the rhythm to keep the music on and save your computer, keep pushing until your computer is saved ! Note : This pace is the recommended pace for a *real* heart massage (you only have to push harder than on your keyboard). If someday you need to save someone, think about Stayin' Alive !
Rise to the top of an ancient babylonian tower. Complete a floor and... do it one more time with just a tiny difference : a wall masking the view. \
You have to protect a man who caries a torch. Monsters from the dark are trying to get you!