Past Games

A short emotional puzzle game about a girl who gets lost wondering in forgotten ruins and the ghost of her brother helping her escape. Switch between two worlds and characters in the world of the liv
This is a first-person game that you walk with 'wads' keys. Every morning, you awake on same island and find some stranded crates.
The game is about the protagonists (Leo) loss. Leo's twin sister Lea passed away 10 months ago and it has been a hard time for him.
A small house, sick of the chaos in the city, embarks on a journey of freedom. The locals try to stop this house, because it's not supposed to do that.
<p>HeavyWeight is a 3D side-scroller game where the player discovers their abilities when facing fake obstacles.</p> The Story of HeavyWeight is starts in an unruled, gainless and
There were 2 barbarians captured by some "OTHERS". And others decided to play a little game. Their game was about targeting them to each other. !! - PLAY WITH ONLY WASD OR ARROWS - !!