Past Games

Digital board game for 6 players. Uses cards. Red team vs blue team. One player on each team is a spy for the other team.
Use a special syringe controller to turn the ship. Two syringes are connected with a transparent tube with a drop of red liquid inside (picture attached). The syringes cause the red liquid to move
There was a robot named Crank Crank gave his heart to a shallow low-life gold digger, Brittany Gears Brittany broke his heart to several pieces Crank must now find the pieces in order to find love again Crank made a temporary heart which he must pump manually until he finds the pieces
Ex Nihilo takes place in a not too distant future. Are hero Ajax wears an Ex Nihilo bio suit. The Ex Nihilo suit is a replicator,capable of creating (and recycling) objects. Whith this suit Ajax can transform enemies and the level environment to what he pleases to reach any goal. \ With the suits amazing powers he must climb to the to of the tower and destroy everything in his path!
New Title: SEXtinction Old Title: How i learned to stop worrying and love extinction: An Intergalactic rom com about survial. In Deep Space ......the last remaining members of the Colouroms alien species seek out their life partners to repopulate their planets and avoid extinction. They each retain a unique ability but only together can they insure their future.