Zevik Perry

Past Games

A Hosting simulation that lets you experience our representation of the pressure and burden of hosting.
Two friends have undergone severe experiments in an asylum with shocking results: their consciousness switched!
Click/tap and drag to blink the Blinkcess across platforms. Avoid your pursuers and kill them with their own arrows in this fast pace arrow hell.
You play as a young man possessed by demonic spirits. In order to ease the pain your goal in each level is to complete a specific ritual by using your blood.
"Wahaka" is a game about cavemen performing an exorcism in order to banish the evil spirit "Wahaka".
The game is about everyday’s rituals, but not just plain rituals - The ones that often accompany the people that suffer from Obsessive Complusive Disorder, or OCD.
On your way to the global game jam you found out there are no parking spots left in Tel Aviv, what do you do?
a local-multiplayer, political-survival cardgame
You start the game realising you're a lobster. In a french kitchen. What 'cha gonna do now? *The game was also created by people we couldn't register in here properly).