Past Games

In Crabattle, up to 4 Player take on the role of a small hermit crab, looking for a new home in the form of a bigger shell, to feel comfortable again. But there are not enough bigger shells for every
In Kujira's Journey, the player takes control of a part Bat part Whale creature, named Kujira, flying through space.
A short Sokoban-style game in which the player manipulates the amplitude of water waves to push crates around. The controls are somewhat finicky due to engine limitations. Sorry!
2-4 Player struggle to be the first to make an offering . (To play you need at least two controllers, and/or switch the button configuration in the input field to the desired controlls)
The Vmind are invading earth! You are the hivemind controling these invaders, guiding them throw a alabyrintine forest.