Past Games

Your goal is to make waves.
Wounded warriors | Wanting for rest in yomi | Find the three inrō
Take control of a refugee Alien spaceship looking for a new home. Explore the galaxy by syncing the heartbeat of planets & solar systems. Each new synchronization causes nearby planets to sync up, opening new pathways to travel. Unite the galaxy through pulse, ambition, and the desire to make intergalactic friends. Play it here!
2D bullet hell Shmup in Processing in which you are sacrificing yourself to purify a corrupt land.
Darkness pushes against the light. As light pushes back, there is a balance. Shatter the balance with your abilities. Extinguish the light to find your way.
Why did the skunk cross the street? For love, of course; Mia's boyfriend, Antonio is in grave danger, and she'll do anything to save him!