Past Games

Deep within the forest, dark forces have resurrected the Eye of Someone. Because: magic. Now, four poor souls have been chosen by fate to defeat an insatiable evil.
**This is not a game. This is not a simulation. This is a fully functioning portal with the capability to send travelers hurtling through space and time.** Hello attractive sir and/or madam!
Local multiplayer lightcycle arcade game played as a reflection on the surface of a giant eyeball. The eyeball's iris and pupil interfere with visibility during gameplay.
Like the iOS game 'Space Team', but medically themed rather than spaceship themed. The main idea, for those unfamiliar, is that multiple players are assigned 'tasks' and must frantically shout them at one another in the hopes that someone can perform the task with their given controls.
Protoboros is a game of serpentine dogfighting. Bite the tail of your enemy.