Zac Sheridan

Past Games

WRONGSTOP! is a cute-but-creepy PS1 style game, inspired by Petscop. You've lost your world, but with the help of G̶̷̛͜o͞҉d҉͟?̷̡̡̧̛ you'll find it again!
Repair your body by finding each piece and gain an ability from each of your different bits!
Home is Where is an ambient pseudo horror game about a girl called Tag that is stuck in a house with a strange man calling himself her father. But that can't be true, can it?
Sneeze on NPCs to transmit the common cold, don't let the police stop you.
In Achoo! you live in a dystopian world where the American Disease Prevention Organisation (ADPO), has cured all disease and illness: or so they'd have you believe.