Yuuta Yamaguchi

Past Games

卵をふ化させて、それを売りお金を稼ぎながら図鑑コンプリートを達成しよう! 卵は、周囲の設備やふ化させたタイミングによって生まれるものとが変わってくる。 自分なりにいいものを生み出すためのルールを発見して色々な種類の生物を生み出そう
This game is a game to make the so-called Fried fish balls face. One of the play there from ancient Japan, Fukuwarai has become to what have been the original enjoy Fukuwarai using the illustrations
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. We can't see things without our own filters, we make the world with them.