Yue Du

Past Games

你将扮演一位出色的卧底,潜入某个黑帮进行破坏活动,但是你怎么都不会想到,自己的遭遇会是这样的... You will play as an outstanding undercover, you mission is to Find A Way to become a member of one famous mafia gang thus to destroy this sinister
As a game Developer, I found that I've lost in the daily work. I found that I have less and less time to spend on the game theories, and have no time to have reflection on what I've done.
What IF战国志,是一款历史假说类解密游戏。 春秋战国,是百家争鸣、人才辈出,英雄豪杰,故事典故灿若星河的年代,也是礼崩乐坏,战乱不断,以万物为刍狗的时代。然而在其茫茫六百年间,其实却有着不少良机,有机会早日终结这乱世,如果如此如此,这般这般的话。而今,你,作为这个世界的神明,试着去化身为各种身份,去力挽英雄的哀叹,早日终结这乱世吧。
You play as a AI robot, help people by take photos, and earned the different trophies by the way and thinking about what does the homesick means.
In The Last Teacher, you play as a teacher who catch a terminal cancer in 2018, you accept medical frozen to save your life, after 100 years, you are awakened, found you are the last teacher on earth,