Past Games

Love and Hate is a 8 players party negotiation game that encourage people to make more communication and think in different. We want to achieve the goal of balancing playing time between casual ga
The disadvantage of social networks today (and games that employ similar social media structures) is that connectivity between people may be too limited. You can meet a friend of a friend, for example, or someone who has one common friend with you, but there is little opportunity by which to interact with potentially interesting total strangers. “Heartbeat Hunter” is a game designed to bridge the gap between strangers, enabling players to interact with each other in situations where they normally ignore each other. The game utilizes the most global human connection-- the human heartbeat. At its core, the heartbeat is the most basic identifier; the one thing that all people have in common, regardless of race, gender, and language, and religion. The game engages the player through the use of sound, giving the player room to observe the contexts of the people he meets, their social environments, their culture, etc. Ultimately, what the game hopes to achieve is a heightened awareness and empathy to people we wouldn’t normally interact with. Disclaimer: Not all the features work yet, this is just a prototype! If you decide to play it you may run into a lot of mockup screens!