Past Games

You're an only pigeon who can bring the Love Letter to someone. Avoid some obstacles, crows, cats and buildings! --- how to play --- Move with direction keys (←↑↓→ key)
In 20XX, finally people has approached the singularity with AI technologies. However ANDROID which has own intention starts attacking to people.
In "Alcatraz" you play the part of prison guard, patrolling and monitoring the occupants of its cells. As gaoler of the isolated prison, Alcatraz. you must constantly keep vigilant again
「感これ」学級閉鎖を起こせ! 先生たちに気付かれないように、生徒たちにウイルスを広めよう! 一定数の人数に蔓延させることでクリア! 広めていることが先生にバレてしまうとゲームオーバーに… It can fire "feeling this" the closed classes!
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