Past Games

You work in a lost-and-found items office and should help these poor people to find what they are looking for. It's not as easy as it sounds...
Make a body part with the given objects in a limited time. Then pass the game to another play so they can make their parts. In the end, combine all your creations to make a doll and share it with us!
"Homeboard" is a dungeon crawler gamer that uses all the keys on the keyboard. Your keyboard is your map. You start the game from Enter key and leave your home to start your journey.
What if you have an ability to hop from one's mind to another?
Garden of Silence is a game that takes place in a zen garden. Microphone Required, because you control the lines with your voice. Created by Acid Green Games
Use your voodoo doll to control the man to pass the dungeon and solve the mystery. Needle the voodoo's body parts to control him. Use W to dodge, D to use fire, X to move forward or stop walkin