Yaron Gur Arieh

Past Games

A bunch of sneaky intruders are making a run across your lands. Their objective: Reach their spaceship and leave, to give away earth position by alerting their outer-space peers. You are moving from
This game requires the MaKey MaKey to play! http://www.makeymakey.com/ A patient lies before you. Four doctors must massage and stimulate the heart of a dying man back to life. How to Play: Hook up your MaKey MaKey to 1 patient and 4 doctors. Each Doctor is in charge of a chamber of the heart; they must touch the patient in rhythm to massage the patient's heart back to life. The Cardio Heart Monitor will display what chamber requires stimulus, the doctor provides stimulus by touching the patient. The players win by resuscitating the patient, and lose if they overstimulate or cause the heart to seizure and fail. In Heart Attack mode, the patient is actively trying to cause a heart attack by inducing the wrong stimulus at improper times!
"You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails" - German proverb As the heart of a sun ignites so does the solar winds blow. At the mercy of it's whims, merchant vessels sail the winds in search of unclaimed treasures. And to those who can A 2 vs 2 race to claim the unclaimed fortunes of space. Plan with your partner as best you can, but be ready to adjust to dance, to the beat of the stars that dictates how you go.