Past Games

Epic Text adventure game, complete your morning ritual and get ready for work.
Perform assorted* rituals in order to serve your café's unique clientele. Mouse controls. *Five. Five rituals.
In our game, you play the part of a paper boy/girl that hates their job. The aim of the game is to deliver the papers to all of the mailboxes, while avoiding the various hazards.
V1.0 We are pitching a survival horror game focusing on the main character's heart beat and panic levels. The character's heart beat raises in the darkness. The character will wake up in a sewer setting and he hears the words 'RUN'. As the character runs forward it becomes apparent that there is a maze ahead of you and you have to be quick to escape. If you look behind you the darkness has covered where you have been and is coming towards you. If you stay too long in the darkness of the sewers then the character goes into cardiac arrest and dies. The game is called Creeping Darkness.