Past Games

Superhot meets bombs, smokin' hot katana-wielding robots, too much of the 80s and a little bit of tower defence. Hold Right Mouse Button to aim, release to throw bombs.
In a grim dark future, music have gone out of style. In an attempt to bring music back to the people the IMOoC (Internation Music Organization of Cool) re-brands music as a battle arena sport!
High-Chaos Multiplayer game where the objective is to blast competitors with sonic waves (and kicks!) and send them into oblivion!!
Two player co-op where you play two gods and have to defeat a common enemy. Use spells/abilities to survive.
Have you ever been so sick and tired of your job that you just wanted to quit and try something completely different? Like being the input-device for a computer game about meditation?
An endless ritual spirit collection game set in the lore of StoneHenge... spirits are drawn to this mystical place, but passage to the netherworld is blocked!
A man's last moments as he explores his environments before he knowingly is about to be killed by a volcanic eruption.
What do you do when all you can see is your own 2D character? Well; your friend is able to see parts of the game world you find yourselves in, but it costs him ammunition, which you must find.
Timey Wimey is a time-travelling, network, co-op game. Play as your present and future self working together to stop the apocalypse.
Four people in a small city have intertwined lives.