Past Games

You have to find formulas for antidotes, or you will lose sick peasants. grab ingredients from bowls and mix it in caldron tap 3 times to caldron for cooking. give elixir to peasant you ca
A pair of socks lived happily for a longtime until the day they got separated. Now he has to find a way back.
Time has collapsed! An Eldritch Monstrosity has shattered the dimensions, unleashing chaos across all timelines. Its up to our hero to reunite all reality and restore the universe.
Your are a dorm manager, where you need to place the students to the right places for their needs.
Play as a character whom suffer from memory loss.
Our alcoholic hero is very fond of nightlife. To earn points is enough to consume alcohol, but if it exaggerates, his wife does not take him home.
As you know, turtles carry their homes on their back. Our little turtle, too. In our game, turtle eats fish, seaweed and grows up. But we have a problem.