Past Games

Shockwave is set in the 50's in America, when people, especially the army, believed radioactivity could solve anything.
Tokyo Kaiju Tactics (TKT) is 4 players pre-action game, in which you queue up to 5 actions before watching events unfold.
A ridiculous RPG with highly anti-social content. The world of TVittr is in chaos.
12 Heartbeats Away is a game about what can go through someone's head during the few seconds preceding the personal tragedy of a romantic break-up. Durint this split second, a lot of thoughts can come up. Climb those as some kind of tree in this story-telling oriented little game. Every step will get you one heartbeat closer to the inevitable choice that you can only make by finding the right tools in the maze of your psyche. Up to six different endings are available. Please note you can only use the .exe locally, in order to use the .swf you would have to run it online, even by hosting it yourself. For those among you with Mac OS or Linux, you may find the flash version online at the following adress, with an html wrapper (around 4mo, I had not enough time to make a decent looking loader, sorry): www.leonard-carpentier.com/GGJ/
Inspired by Mayan/Norse mythology, three concentric snakes defend the earth from falling marbles. The game is built for use with a \"DJ Hero\" style input device (Windows only), but can also be played with a keyboard.