Past Games

"The Ultimate Score Multiplier Game" -- a multi-directional multiplayer shmup based on an outrageous score multiplier.
In A.D. 2101. There was too much peace. It needed to be... REHABILITATED.
Hyperbol (hīpərˈbōl) is an exploratory visit to a museum of voxel artwork, in an emotional, exaggerated, non-Euclidean world. It may even include magic.
A multi-directional 4x multiplayer shmup with a focus on multipliers, with outrageously large scores.
Infinite Ammo, our first First Person Shooter (FPS). The theme was, "waves".
Xonakoid -- working title -- is an upcoming brick buster (also known as a Breakout clone) to be used in our Kids Make Games project where we teach elementary to high school students game design and ga
Another Xona Games experiment. More coming soon...