Past Games

Find a path through the mountains. Guide your flock to safety.
A game about fixing shitty robots using your electronics skills and some luck. Be careful, robots may harm our test subject.
Competitive game for 2 to 4 players where they try to control as many rooms as possible. You can build blocks as long as they are connected with the base. If you build next to another player, you co
Reach the harbor of light while keeping your crew safe! Coop game for 2 players! Needs 2 controllers.
Demuestra tu etiqueta durante el día más feliz de su vida.
A Couch multiplayer party game for 4 players. The title says it all.
4 players compete to win each other in a small arena, using the power of The Totems and some reflexes.
I Chew You is a multiplayer and party game of intuition an deception, winner of the best game award at the Barcelona Game Jam. Find out which "Chewie" you are and eat the other players before they do the same with you! Choose wisely which Chewie to eat or you'll explode! Jump with the green button and bite with the red button. ** Note **: Download: Please use our Alternative Upload folder to download your OS version (Win, Mac):