Wu Hairong

Past Games

We build a parallel world in which the palyer will first experience a tragic life. Then, we will have a chance to see another life. However, the player will gradually have a mind "Oh, wait.
A story about a boy chasing a girl. On his pathway, complicated things happen and the boy cultivate himself to be a better person...
1.我们有很多解读,目前游戏坐下来是寻找什么事家:地球?当下的飞船 ?还是新的星球、居住地? 2.弹窗的话其实一开始是想做与身边的关系(公司老板,朋友,npy,家人),然后会有很多信息,我们需要去选择接受还是不接受。后来感觉可以做的更深入一些,于是乎引入了一个《三体》的背景,进入更深的一个层次; 3.游戏背景是地球被入侵了,于是派出两艘飞船去宇宙找栖息地。
use your hand as a conductor to make circuit run correctly
Control a robot by sending message with different rules by channel, you don't know the control mapping at the beginning of each game.