Past Games

It's a survival game where you have to protect the village against werewolves, vampires and undead skelletons by going to their dimension and becoming one of them! Use your silver bullets to cle
Title: Heart Heart Heart. Game style timing / runner. 1 player, 1 button. Platform web / flash. Before the zombification and death of a relative, very far from a famous character, one of his "lives" decides to take forward the fight itself. She then must overcome obstacles and enemies to save his skin, and ensure another new continue to Wink. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Título: Heart Heart Heart. Jogo ao estilo timing/runner. 1 jogador, 1 botão. Plataforma web/flash. Diante do falecimento e zumbificação de um parente, muito muito distante de um personagem famoso, uma de suas "vidas" decide tomar a frente da luta ela mesma. Ela então precisa superar obstáculos e inimigos para salvar a pele, e garantir mais uma novo continue para Wink.
A cartoon-game about the everyday's work eternity.