Past Games

A dying world, mysterious trees sending cryptical telepathic messages, a story to be unvcovered following the actions taken by the player. What lies behind the mysterious Eternal Tree? And finally...
This is a game of Hunt&Seek. The requires 2 xbox controllers. Hide with "A" Take a picture with "B" After a match reset the game with "START" button.
Since the boat sailed, I enjoyed the vibes.
Meta text-paper-dice adventure for Commodore 64, pencil, paper and dice. A single night inside a different place, a ritual of game inside the game itself.
Dive through the clefts, think about all that lefts, all the memories you can get, must exist without regret. In this action/meditative game you have to learn what to do, how and when; so don&#
le tappity tap everywhere
Pleasing gods is hard, especially if pleasing one pisses off the others. Meet Qwerto, he's a guy without a fixed religion, your task is to guide him through his spiritual peace.