Past Games

Game about addiction
Beats are droping DOWN. You are the RED dot and have to collect BALCK dots that are moving by rythms of MUSIC. Every collected BLACK dot gives you a BEAT. Click anywhere to GO UP. You will die if BEATS will reach zero.
Maze brothers - two brothers are trapped in a maze, help them to meet again. Brothers didn't see each other in a long time! \ Guide brothers through out the mazes, each brother can pick up ONLY ONE KEY, if brother has a key, he cannot walk and pick up another one. \ With colored keys you can unlock different color obstacles. \ \ Brothers has a secret transformation power, they can travel through out the time and space and switch places, but sadly they can't meet. \ \ So use your sense of logic and brothers transformation power to solve each maze. But be careful with damaged tiles. \ Also, try to pick up all gold coins in each level to optimize our score. \
Classic memory game with deceptional twist.