Past Games

A stranger lost in a strange land contacts you. They can describe where they are. You have a map.
The racers must navigate their way along an ever-changing track while another player builds it in front of them. How to play: Cars!
Roll Home is a block rolling puzzle game
A game about communicating through expressive and emergent play
Welcome to the Almighty Hobogoober, where the Almighty is leading a ceremonial dance for his loyal followers. - One player plays as the Almighty Hobogoober.
Single key cooperative game. Jump through the gaps in the wall and strike the correct pose.
"You are dog. Impress good. Get job." It can be hard finding a job at the best of times. It's even harder in a recession. It's even harder than that if you're a dog.
You are the chef at the most famous restaurant in Monsterville and the only thing on the menu is hearts. You have to be quick to cook up the right bits of hearts for the hungry monsters, they do not want to wait.