Past Games

A mechanic close to retirement is going for his last rounds in the galaxy, repairing spaceships for the citizens.
Aur is one of the few young men chosen to be ceremonial combatants in the year's harvest duels.
Help plumber P. Jack MacCheese restore water to the local tenement building by setting the pipes and controlling water flow. Careful of the cracked pipes and quickly fix those leaks!
Step into the role of an ace detective and solve a kidnapping. Who Kidnapped Charlie? Get to it Ace Detective! Use the arrow keys and space to interact with Suspects and Doors.
The world of Niria has been consumed by shadow, turning all the denizens into twisted versions of themselves. You must save them by bringing the power of the heart back into the world. Harness the spirits of the world and infuse the victims with powerful positivity to restore them! Type: Shooter
Felonious Monk is a text based point and click adventure game based entirely within your web browser. There are riddles to solve, puzzles to complete, and a mystery to unravel. Will you uncover the Monk's master plan? (WIP)